Nov 6, 2020

In a vehicle the combination of a longitudinally extending frame, a front cross piece and a rear cross piece carried by said frame, each of said cross pieces being laterally extensible to either side of said frame, four wheel mounts, each of said wheel mounts respectively being carried by an outboard end of one of said cross pieces and a wheel mounted in each of said wheel mounts, a pair of longitudinally extending beams disposed one on each side of said frame and each having its ends supported adjacent a separate one of said wheel mounts and four adjustable trusses, each associated with one of said wheel mounts and each extending from a portion of said frame to a position adjacent its associated wheel mount for releasably locking each of said cross pieces in position whereby said vehicle is adjustable in width to accommodate varying sized loads. HTPCoopersburg Kenworth COOPERSBURG PA. $50.00 Frame Rail. FREE Shipping. "As-rolled" steel is produced to the desired tensile strength at the mill with a controlled process that prevents distortions from occurring. © 2004-2020 We are currently operating within a differently configured workplace and under health and safety guidelines specified by the CDC and VOSHA. COMPLETE TAKE OFF OF 2008 TRUCK LOCATION NEAR ALLENTOWN, PA: Tag #: 16P097 VIN #: MRU613: GOOD CONDITION MACK MRU613 FRAME RAILS FOR SALE. Mating holes 64 and 65 are provided in the members 61 and 62 and the member 62 is provided with a re-enforcing collar 66, also provided with a mating hole 67, which collar 66 is slidable on the member 62 and adapted to receive a retaining bolt 68 for locking the truss in any of a plurality of extended positions. The box or channel 24 is adapted to contain four I Sbeams in side by side relation and numbered 27, 28, 29 and 30 respectively, as shown in Fig. It is the measure of the capability of the frame rail. & Terms of Use. 280/423.1, 280/800, Click for automatic bibliography A horizontally extending plate 35 is welded to the plate 34 and to the bottom edge of the plate 33 which bottom edge extends slightly below the plate 32 as indicated. It is, accordingly, one object of this invention to provide a truck or trailer which is normally of the permissible conventional width but which is laterally extensible to accommodate loads of various sizes and widths. A plate 36 is welded to the outer edge of the plate and a horizontally extending plate 37 is welded to the plates 34 and 36 and forms the bottom piece of a box-like structure. Come join the discussion about breeding, honey production, health, behavior, hives, housing, adopting, care, classifieds, and more! These I beams are slidably mounted in the box 24 and are each of a length substantially equal to the overall length of the box 24. There are many grades of steel in the marketplace. 3 is a section through one of the cross pieces taken along the line 3-3 of Fig. This material is fully weldable (with proper welding procedures) and drill-able. We are happy to provide mill certification for any of the frames we fabricate for you. Fleming Metal Fabricators custom fabricates a variety of flat bed truck and trailer body parts. This invention relates to vehicles, and, more particularly, to a vehicle in the form of a truck or trailer adapted to be laterally extended to accommodate loads of varying widths. While the wheel mount and the associated structure related to the I beams 28 and 30 has been described in detail it will be understood that the I beams 27 and 29 are provided with a similar structure and the vehicle is thus extensible on both sides.

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