Nov 6, 2020

diploma programs. In the words of one PP scorer: Don't write what you think we want to hear. UBC Med / "Pre-med": Use Premed 101 or r/premedcanada instead. Important: Please keep in mind that it's been a minimum of a year since most of us have applied to UBC. This also applies to Pharmacology, Biology, Finance, etc. Press J to jump to the feed. At the same time, students with few ECs or just a single part time job are admitted in early admissions without issue. 864 comments. Deadline for submission of applications (including online application, all application fees, all transcripts, and proof of BC residency (if required)). Congrats! Now don’t let senioritis get to you. SAT2 is for US university application. No one here can give you a definite answer. What may seem like a killer EC for you (i.e. Take any information on reddit as more valid than anything you hear from UBC. For detailed information on required documentation please carefully review the Admission Requirements section of the website and the 2020-2021 Help Guide, which will be available in June. as a first-year student. I know they changed grad requirements. I applied around Dec 3rd. Write in a way that shows us who you really are. And if I do good on Ap Calculus are they going to look over it? Try to ask several small questions instead of one big one. April 30, 2020 get reddit premium. Hi, I’m planning on transferring to Sauder from UBC Arts in either second or third year if I’m able to get in, however I just saw that if I wanted to transfer in third year, I can’t do so from UBC in a faculty other than commerce and I will have to transfer to a different institution to complete the transferable commerce courses I need and then transfer back. I focused on chem (bc I’m dumb) and got an 94%. The online community of the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada! Of JEE MAINS-2020, as per JEE MAINS-2020 admit card. Probably not going to get one of UBC's scholarships. When is the BC ministry gonna update our transcripts to show term 2 marks?? I have just under 2 years’ work experience in one of the Big 5 banks, with no prior experience related to CompSci (volunteer or paid). Sorry for the long post, but I would really appreciate hearing from y'all! A-G courses completed in spring 2020 with Pass (P) or Credit (CR) grades will satisfy appropriate A-G requirements. (Interesting enough I never been to UBC in my life, the closest is SFU). Just info, my top 6 average mark for grade 11 was about 92%. What are my chances of getting in, be brutally honest hahaha. There is an enduring myth that the number and type of Extracurricular Activities you list in your personal profile equates to how good your personal profile is. TheGradCafe. UBC's admissions system was overhauled for the 2019/2020 cohort. The answer to many questions will be 'get in touch with someone who works for UBC'. i applied late november and still no decision–is this normal? So I just wondering is it that bad? This timeline provides key dates only. Disclaimer: The admissions process changes significantly every year. MCAT scores and WES evaluations are not required until October 1. Don't limit activities to only extracurricular; Club/Family/community responsibilities, Creative or performing arts, Work/employment, Athletics, Volunteer, Service to others, etc are all good activities to talk about. Read Myth 3 on the pinned comment. I have 6 grade 11 academic courses, and I would hope that UBC would drop my lowest grade which is a 73. Ubc Admissions Reddit 2020 We invite all potential candidates to join us for an Info Day / Tour / Admissions Event to learn about the various concentrations and program options. You can also follow us on social @ApplyMaryland for the latest news and updates. I just wondering whether the campus including sauder building is open for people to go and see. Virtually all categories of applicants have deviated from the traditional learning expectations. Important: Please keep in mind that it's been a minimum of a year since most of us have applied to UBC. from what I’ve seen on reddit, ubc has stopped sending physical letters/acceptances in the mail. I had a BSc in Biology of all things with an 85% average in the last 30 credits. I am a highschool student who's attending school in canada, and my school doesn't offer any second language courses, and I see that second language 11 is mandatory for every course(for students who are from BC). If one of those grade 8-11 activities shows your personal growth, then it might be something to consider writing about. UBC - A Place of Mind Admissions. Tell us what you've searched, and that sort of thing. Important: Do not PM people asking for admissions advice. UBCO/SFU/UVic/other university students do not have an advantage over transfer college students, even if their courses are perceived as harder than college transfer courses by high school students. Maybe we hear something on Tuesday as today is the deadline to accept. Student and Alumni Email Service. All applicants must complete a minimum of 90 credits and all English prerequisite courses. Disclaimer: The admissions process changes significantly every year. Some ECs considered strong by high school students are actually very weak, dubious or even unethical, such as voluntourism. I know there are IB minimum shown or University page but I was wondering if I could know what IB grade of people who got in to Econ got. I finished BCOM specializing in finance from U of T. I had two internships in the tech sector and less than 2 years of experience as a analyst for a small company. I had poor marks in English in my ELA A30, although in B30 and my grade 11 English I did quite well for a guy that loathes ELA (70's-80's). Close. Is PTE eligible for MASc or MENG of Civil Engineering? Ask specific questions you have about residence, and draw your own conclusions from the answers you get. TheGradCafe. Students can sign up for a UBC email forwarding address. as a first-year student. Cookies help us deliver our Services.

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