Nov 6, 2020

Learn more about the base systems of Warframe. Please refrain from contacting Warframe Support if you are looking for Employment Opportunities within Digital Extremes. We all know in many games RPGS  etc. Information about account changes, protection, etc. You think the spam is bad at the moment with ingame chat, wait for plat/account sellers to target this game and start spamming chat. An it seems a lot of people out there would like it too.

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General Game Support . We have specialized experts for each ticket category so that you get the best support available as quickly and efficiently as possible! This is bad. *TL;DR: Aside from Warframe, nothing of importance uses my old e-mail address. help i want join again dont say warframe support i was …

As the own Warframe Support page states: Can I change my email address?

IMPORTANT: After big updates/patches/hot-fixes it may take longer for a Support member to answer your request, don't be alarmed!

Warframe Support is not where you should be going to report a bug in the game. If you can log into your account, you can see what it is.

Contact support and do it that way if you ever lose access to your email. I won't be able to change password and any and all communications from DE to me will be lost forever. Hi, good day.

Please refrain from contacting Warframe Support if you are looking for Employment Opportunities within Digital Extremes. As the own Warframe Support page states: Warframe does not currently provide the option to change your account email address, but this may become an option in the future. The domain for my secondary email address that I used for Warframe was just discontinued; if I forget my password or my account is hijacked, I'm basically screwed.
However, this is something needed for security purposes. Example: Someone sold his account and after he got his money, he changed is email .....and guess what? Bit if they ever allow us to do it, then account selling will start. For more information on this topic, please go to the, Payment Method (Paypal, Visa, Paysafecard, etc), Screenshots of the confirmation/transaction numbers.

Answers to common payment and billing questions.

I think the reason why the option is still not in the game is, to protect someone from crooks (or scammer idk). although you might want to write support to change your warframe account's mail address to your actual one, so you can get receipts and reset your password in case you need to. I didn't receive the link to verify my email address so i tried logging in again to resend it, but the click here link sends me to a page that says 404 this page does not exist.

Don't know if it's against the rules to bring back a thread but I'd love it to have an option to change emails. They gonna solve ur problem. Your email is located in your account info.

I doubt there is a way to do so but you can try contacting Warframe Support.
Is there a way to change email addresses linked to my Warframe account?

they probably get a s**tton of "requests", bug-sightings and other stuff every day, sorting these, responding and getting them through to the people that might need to know about this is quite time consuming, so yeah, 3 days w/ the current size of the community is quite fast IMO. If you wish to contact customer service to report a technical/billing issue or need any other assistance you can contact the Warframe Support Desk by submitting a Support Ticket..

Do not even bother trying to change the email hahaha you will have to wait at least 3 days for one response.

bump, i really need this, LISTEN TO YOUR PLAYERS PLEASE!!! Warframe > Players Helping Players > Topic Details.

So if they ever allowed the registered email changed by us, that would then be abused by account sellers. I am still able to visit the website but I cannot change my password because the hacker changed it. All rights reserved.

Bump! Send ticket.

How can I delete my account? Compromised emails will forever compromise Warframe accounts. From the moment I lose my email account, my Warframe account will be in a delicate position. Answers to common payment and billing questions. I have stopped using that email above for a good year or so essentially due to fear of having too many accounts and such linked to one email and I wanted to spread out everything across 2-3 emails … Please, help me change my e-mail, :/, I'm still into warframe very much.

... Warframe players 1 minute into the first mission of the day. Warframe and the Warframe Logo are trademarks of Digital Extremes. The Support staff answers all tickets in chronological order. Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America),

Technical Support for PC, Xbox One, PS4 and the Nintendo Switch, Learn more about the base systems of Warframe, Link or unlink your Steam Marketplace account, I can not login the game, but I entered the correct email and password (login failed, check your info), PC Exclusive items that will not migrate with you to your Nintendo Switch. By This document will be updated should any new information on this topic arise.

We use these threads to efficiently collect information on all types of issues in Warframe and get the fixes to the devs or designers responsible quicker.

Hello DE.

Sinistro6, November 3, 2013 in General. (as you stated you no longer have the old mail account)

If DE allows us to change our email at any time, the numbers of crooks will rise to the rooftop. Thanks for the post Sinistro6, I'm in the same boat as I'm changing cable/modem provider!

:). As you stated you use steam, if your warframe account is connected to your steam account, the transaction will work just fine. I'm having the same problem :( , I need a change in e-mail because my e-mail now is facing problems being logged in and faces risks of being hacked in which warframe might be too, I hope the private message is not notified in my e-mail in precaution to hackers aware of my warframe account.

Bad enough there is plat trading, so players can get ripped off if they get hacked. Clicking on this button will take you through the process to change your Warframe e-mail. How to deal with or report chat spamming and other offenses! For any official warframe related information head to –

Question. If submitting a billing ticket for issues with payments: Please provide as much detail on the transaction as possible including: When a Support agent responds to your ticket and is awaiting a response back from you with more information, the ticket will be marked as "Awaiting your reply" and can be found under the "My activities" section on the Support site. But, my Steam account is another Gmail / Email that I use. Subscribe to get special offers, free giveaways, and once-in-a-lifetime deals. its not an unsolvable problem just getting extra work for no benefit at all.

Good luck!

Yeah, im completely with you on being able to change emails. I know what I'm saying... Had to wait looooong time to finally change my emails. has no official link with Digital Extremes or Warframe, we are just a fansite.

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