Nov 6, 2020

The answer is seen in the millions of changed lives, healed bodies and souls, passion for holiness, intolerance of sin, submission to God's word, and vision to reach a lost world. If quantity of gospel proclamation is of paramount impor­tance, quality of communication can't be far behind. They found that in previous centuries the lowland tribes had been slave traders, often conduc­ting slaving raids into the mountains to prey on their unwitting cousins. I'm just relieved that she didn't get in too deep. She would take a personal interest in my life and ask me questions,” Corfias said. Within weeks of becoming a new Christian, far too many believers drift out the back door never to be seen again. Second, church leaders must be lifelong learners. The principle has now been translated into an important watch­word that accompanies Strategy Coordinators everywhere: "The resources are in the harvest." In Church Planting Movements maturing in Christ is a never-ending process that is enhanced, rather than jeopardized, by starting new churches. 5) Using Educated Youth - The challenge of illiteracy in an increasingly literate world is not limited to those propagating the gospel. I hate cults as much as the next guy, but can you really blame Xenos for someone getting caught in a riptide? Events, get togethers, and suggestions on what to see and do in Columbus, Ohio! Elephants typically require 22 months to produce an offspring, while rabbits can yield a new litter every three months. By the way, we have continued to follow Christ far from the Xenos borders, and I have grown considerably more at other churches. My Tweenager was invited to several home church meetings for teens by the leader of the group, whom we have a very good friendship with. But there is more. Lay leadership doesn't exclude professional ministers. Jesus earned that right when He died on the cross for us. In most of the Church Planting Movements we've studied there were already a few churches present among the people group before the first missionary arrived. While others, though present, were different in the ways they had contributed to their respective movements. That may have just been the expectations of the smaller group I was a part of at that time, but either way, it was not a normal thing. Just be discerning about each situation, especially in the college and high school groups. Prayer is the soul's deepest cry of rebellion against the way things are, seeing the lost of this world and crying out, "This does not glorify God, and so, by God's grace, it must change!" - , Those who have successfully navigated a Church Planting Movement are unanimous in their conviction that "it must be God's word that is authoritative for the new believers and the emerging church not the wisdom of the missionary nor some foreign creed nor even the local church authorities." "Leaving can be difficult for missionaries, but it is absolutely essential," one missionary explained. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. We're picking up stones, picking up stones, picking up stones. To remind them of the importance of abundant gospel sowing, many Strategy Coordinators have prominently displayed a one-page sign at their workstation that reads: How many of my people will hear the gospel today? I've gone on trips with friends from church many times before. For more on Chronological Bible Storying visit the resourceful website: We'll explore the differences between house and cell churches in chapter 13 Frequently Asked Questions. I think this is can go either way because each homegroup (small group of people meeting together) is so different. It sounds like a tragic accident to me. In Acts 14:23, immediately after winning converts in Lystra, Iconium, and Asia Minor's Antioch "Paul and Barnabas appointed elders for them in each church and, with prayer and fasting, committed them to the Lord, in whom they had put their trust." An African church leader said it well. Instead, he or she is now free to go to another, less reached sector of the people group to begin the process all over again. I want to share my personal experience with this topic: cult or not? This was the same sort of question that the imprisoned John the Baptist sent his disciples to ask of Jesus. You can find a lot of posts about it here: On the other hand, the church can be/is VERY insular. For some reason, though, these churches had stagnated and ceased to reproduce. Traveling among the Khmer of Cambodia, each house church bore testi­mony to additional churches they had started in the previous year. His friends had always pointed him to the Qur'an, but Ibrahim said, 'No. Xenos Christian Fellowship, a non-denominational Evangelical church, says it is changing its name to "Dwell" to avoid confusion and more accurately reflect the church‘s values. Basing in the home keeps the church's attention on daily life issues. If nature's principle of sowing abundantly to reap abundantly is true, then so is its opposite: if you sow sparingly, you will reap sparingly. Be careful. More importantly, Bible translation into the heart language provides a resource pool for evangelism, discipleship, and leadership development. I'm guessing she usually leaves the negative out. Missionaries to the world's unreached people groups are invading hostile territory. Mass evangelism always contains feedback loops to ensure that no one who comes to faith in Christ drifts away without discipleship, while personal evangelism ends by encouraging the new believer to share his faith with his family and friends. On the other hand, the church can be/is VERY insular. This does not mean that the missionary has no role in the discipleship of new believers or training of the church leaders. 1) Memorization - though a lost art in the West, memorization of Scripture is still quite common in the non-Western world. National governments face the same challenge when they want to communicate some important information regarding taxes or a new law or voting guidelines to a village that is illiterate. Despite widespread illiteracy, there are usually some children who are attending school and learning to read and write. So many of the world's remaining unreached peoples are non­literate that missionaries involved in Church Planting Move­ments have struggled to overcome the challenge of illiteracy. We often underestimate the way our actions overshadow our words. The leading figures who began the group continued to set direction through counsel and personal influence rather than through leadership offices. But you cannot assume that a Bible translation or Christian ministry alone will result in a church plant. If prayer doesn't characterize the missionary's life then the new believer will not grasp the true source of the missionary's life-changing power. Because house church structure is simple, it is easier to reproduce. Intentional Planting of Reproducing Churches. Many of these unreached peoples have spent centuries, even millennia, under the dominion of "the god of this world"134 and he does not surrender them lightly. I'm sure there will be a review by LEO (and hopefully also internally at Xenos). Not previously known for planting churches, today many YWAM missionaries have become ardent students of church planting and are producing new church starts around the world. This pattern of external dependency has never produced a Church Planting Movement. It was a big deal for me to leave the church, which was also quite strange to me. How do they develop such close bonds so quickly that overcome enormous barriers of language, culture, and even theology? The opposite is also true. "Once you have developed a friendship and demonstrated that you are really different, your lost friend will ask you what is special about your life. These two governing forces of biblical authority and Christ's lordship reinforce one another like parallel railroad tracks guiding the movement as it rolls far beyond the direct control of the missionary or initial church planters. To produce these leaders, one must fish from the largest pool of candidates. Do you mind if I borrow it? Appointing local leaders rather than relying on the leadership of outsiders does several important things: 1) It makes a statement that we are all equally sinners; all equally saved by grace; all equally capable of being used by God. Many of the sprawling cell church networks will not allow a home cell church to continue if it is unable to grow and multiply after a year of existence. In every Church Planting Movement powerful prayer flows through the lives of the believers and their churches, as God's mighty activity flows through their lives. It comes from an acute awareness not only of their heroic courage in the face of tremendous persecution, but also from a sad awareness of how anemic Western Christianity has become. They continued posting Instagram beach selfies. Vices are broken, diseases are healed, opposition is crushed, and lives are changed. The Strategy Coordinator may have been exaggerating, but not by much. In Scripture and in the real world, we are to follow Him wherever He leads us. #2 Prayer for the lost people group. "We think of you missionaries with great appreciation and affection. The 222 Principle described in the Cambodia Church Planting Movement case study (chapter 5) has also become widespread. Effective communication requires understand­ing the language and worldview of the people you are trying to reach. Furthermore, because the new churches radiate out from each church rather than from the missionary church, planter, the reproduction multiplies exponentially. Consequently, prayer has become the first priority of every Church Planting Movement strategist. We can group these qualities under the term "healthy churches. Rapid reproduction starts with the DNA of the first church. There can be only one answer: the authority of God's word. Church Planting Movements reproduce churches rapidly. They heal the sick, cast out demons, and share from their poverty with others in need." Once the missionaries discovered this historical barrier, they were able to overcome it by using other messengers to take the gospel to the mountain tribes. Instead, they have learned to build the theological controls into the DNA of each church rather than trying to continually reinforce them from the outside.

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