Nov 6, 2020

Who? “Buy American”? So who wrote and authorized it? Did you realize that for years on end Tysons and other U.S. companies are using YOUR tax dollars to ship in “immigrants” (specifically Muslims) to fill jobs? Talk about “burning down the house” due to incompetence. 2 comments . The transition has been from extreme disgust to mild displeasure, somewhat analogous to “Hiring people is the worst part of my job” to “Hiring people is not something I look forward to.” Maybe someone in their marketing department told them to tone it down a bit. That’s amazing! Rather, the tool lets employers give feedback about what types of candidates they like – before candidates apply – so they get better matches for their job posts. God I miss that job. There are good and bad things about H1-B that have nothing to do with racist or isolationist agendas, or with greed. You can’t hire someone to get a job or a date. Had used service in the past to place month-long ads, renewed as needed. Zip’s representatives blame it on “the front-end” and “the back-end.” But that’s just how the employment industry works — nobody’s fault. “As far as putting H1B in a title okay there was an over-site [sic] error – that can easily be fixed.”. Pursue them. While I have set this up to block ads from specific advertisers to avoid just what you’re seeing, that’s like trying to swat all the mosquitoes in your backyard with a fly swatter. BTW, in MSFT’s case the direct bill rate includes employee benefits, but because MSFT treats its “third party vendors” pretty much like a black box they may or may not be aware the “third party” so-called “staffing” company rather than paying the employee benefits is stealing them. Folks: I’d like to suggest that we leave national politics out of this. I don’t disagree with you that your model isn’t an excellent approach. It is so frustrating to go through the daily search and submission only to get the robo-e-mails from ‘’ — the Job Seeker Advocate — and similar messages from Indeed and others. And no, I’d never assume Time endorses the use of Cialis just because there is a Cialis ad somewhere in the magazine. I was 58 when I got tossed out. The newspaper ads worked because they were costly. It’s such a hassle – the searching for intelligence. Still, it’s a very competitive market, with a pretty interesting history of acquisitions of major players in the last couple of years. 4 0. Site makes it easy to up-load your resumes, & data. Right from the start you could tell it was going to make hiring a lot easier. ZipRecruiter is a website that helps job seekers to find open positions and lets hiring managers advertise and find quality candidates for their businesses. If they let us believe that things really were as bad as they were, there would be hell to pay. So when I asked how they got my card info and why it was charged I was told that they weren't able to discuss that information with me. Open the thing up, not one of these has anything to do with IT Asset Management and not one is within 50 miles of my home town. The impact on pay is dramatic. Basic definition: I have used Ziprecruiter To obtain two different jobs and it also worked for my unemployment. hide. DO NOT USE! It’s mindless. I remember an earlier ZipRecruiter radio ad that breathlessly talked about “200 job boards … All The Top Ones!!!”. @Glenn: Ads are designed to appeal first to emotion, and the truth is that most HR people find recruiting and hiring painful and distasteful. Of course not. Is there an ethical problem here? Was that ad an accident? One of the best ways to understand how well a service like ZipRecruiter performs is to put it in the context of its competitors. And after 10 years half of those that entered STEM have exited. Job seekers can use ZipRecruiter for free, whereas employers have the option of trying a four-day free trial. Soon after that I learned to engage in proactive job hunting. They call. @Rob: I’d be willing to put the add-in on Ask The Headhunter for download or for sale. The miracle of technology at work… As for foolish enough or desperate enough, what are you supposed to do? Our agents are available 24/7 and we are always happy to help. Moral: My wife just went through this before being hired by a good company where the hiring manager actually found her resume without a recruiter and hired her because she had she had the framework of the job and the APTITUDE to learn the rest instead of a copy-and-paste skill set resume and a silver-tongued line of BS. But not one dime for effort, only results. Then it seemed as if the field exploded overnight, with. There is NO direct competition in this realm. So, it’s trial and error, stumble and bumble, one day at a time. I love to take over their “weapons” and turn them against them! There’s the basic job posting service on its own platform, as well as across another 100-plus job boards, including companies from LinkedIn and to Google and Facebook. Yet they can’t switch jobs, which makes them basically an indentured servant. The challenge is not picking good hires. We look forward to hearing from you. In those instances where it clearly wasn’t enough, they have occasionally said they might be able to go as much as 50 cents per hour more, but most sick to their guns. All Rights Reserved. All the others are out to wage scalp the IT worker for as much as they can make. So, off to the job boards we go. People who go into any selling game with my mindset won’t last long. There is no such thing. Great idea so I did just that. It doesn’t help that their interviewing/recruiting process sucks as well. These small job boards focus on cultivating an audience with very specific skills and are often started by someone who comes out of that particular industry or skillset themselves. ), Jose told Lucas that her firm “did not write, condone, or authorize this language in the ad.”. This company has claimed this profile, is getting alerted on any new customer reviews entering this page, and may engage in dialogue with its customers to address their matters. However, ZipRecruiter should check for these errors more. Personally, I’d be happy to compete with a foreign national as long as he didn’t have to petition the Feds to change jobs. I’ve heard from many foreign nationals (not just people from India) that H1-B is a form of indentured servitude. See how ZipRecruiter connected him with veteran-friendly employers looking for his skill set. ZipRecruiter is a website that claims to help businesses find employees and job seekers to find employment, and to make the process as simple as possible for both. See how ZipRecruiter helped her get back in the game!

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